Traditional Broker vs. Fee-Only Financial Advisor

Fee-Only Financial Advisor Atlanta

Many people are confused about the difference between traditional brokers and fee-only financial advisors. In the old Archie Bunker model, you purchased products from a broker or insurance agent; a traditional broker works on commission and is often encouraged to sell products recommended by his or her firm.

The new service model, based on Fee-Only Financial Advice, is more like going to a doctor where you pay for expert advice; with Fee-Only Advisors there is a fixed fee outlined up front for advice, regardless of what products are recommended, and without any worry about conflicts of interest or hidden commissions.

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Fee-Only Financial Advisor Christian Koch, of KAM South, explains the difference very clearly in this video:

KAM South Expert Tips Video – Broker vs. Fee-only Advisor from Christian Koch on Vimeo.

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