Christian Koch featured on Wharton School’s Your Money Show on Sirius XM

Christian Koch on Wharton School Business Radio's Your Money with Kent Smetters

Christian Koch, President and Owner of KAM South in Atlanta, GA, was featured on the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School’s Your Money show, hosted by Kent Smetters on Sirius XM’s Business Radio on May 24th, 2016. You may read more about the show here.

More about “Your Money” host, Kent Smetters

Kent Smetters is the Boettner Chair Professor at The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, the Interim Faculty Director of the Penn Wharton Public Policy Initiative, and a Faculty Research Fellow at the NBER. He was the former Deputy Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Department of the Treasury, and he subsequently served as a member of the U.S. Congress’ bipartisan Blue Ribbon Advisory Panel on Dynamic Scoring. Kent holds bachelor degrees in Economics and Computer Science from The Ohio State University as well as an MA and PhD in Economics from Harvard University. He previously cofounded a national registered investment advisory firm that built a new technology platform, grew the firm to over 50 advisors and then sold the firm to a large, publicly-traded company. Growing up in a financially poor family, Kent donates his time to “Your Money” to help families work, save and set goals in order to achieve the most in life. Kent is often cited in major news outlets.

More about the “Your Money” show on Sirius XM

The show “Your Money,” hosted by Professor Kent Smetters, focuses on how listeners can increase their personal productivity and better manage their money. Common themes include creating disciplines that increases one’s value in the workforce, paying down debts, saving for kids’ college, retirement planning, picking appropriate investments, and being generous. “Your Money” has a very engaging audience, accounting for almost half of all calls to The Business Radio Channel. Special guests include a diverse set of outstanding personalities, such as John Bogle (inventor of the indexed mutual fund and founder of Vanguard), Walter Mischel (famed psychologist), Daniel Kahneman (Nobel Prize Laureate), Tony Robbins (performance coach) and Jason Zweig (Wall Street Journal). The show airs live on Tuesdays from 5 – 7PM EST, with the 5 – 5:30 PM slot reserved for special guests speaking about their recent book, column, or a specific topic of expertise. During the remainder of the show, Kent and a couple CFP’s (certified financial planners) answer caller questions.

More about Business Radio on Sirius XM 111


Business Radio Powered by the Wharton School is an exclusive 24/7 channel featuring easily accessible information on a wide range of business topics. Business Radio airs via satellite on SiriusXM channel 111. The Business Radio features world-renowned and distinguished professors and alumni as regular weekly hosts, plus executives, entrepreneurs, innovators and other experts as special hosts and guests. Broadcasting from Wharton’s Ivy League campus and Silicon Valley, Business Radio covers every aspect of business in an informative, entertaining and approachable manner — from the biggest headlines of the day to the nuts and bolts of how to build a business from the ground up — with some shows offered via live, call-in format.

More about Christian Koch of KAM South in Atlanta

Yesterday’s Your Money show guest, Christian Koch, is a long-time investment manager and recognized equity research industry leader. Koch is a Certified Financial Planner™ Professional; a member of the Harvard Business School Club of Atlanta, and the MD Preferred Medical Professional Network; and is a Five Star Professional Wealth Manager. For more information on how to Christian Koch to improve your financial future today, please click here.