KAM South Investment Management Process

Advantages of Separately Managed Accounts at KAM South in Atlanta, GA: 
Customization, individual stock selection, active tax management, more transparency versus mutual funds, and ability to talk with a credentialed advisor about specific investment issues.

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Our Three Proven Investment Strategies:

Bank & Thrift Investment Strategy  Download Brochure

With a focus on providing a total return from capital appreciation and dividends by purchasing publicly traded bank holding companies, the KAM South Bank & Thrift Investment Strategy is designed to produce current income from the interest and dividends of sound financial institutions.

Winston Heritage Focus Investment Strategy   Download Brochure

Winston Heritage Focus Investment Strategy focuses on capital appreciation rather than total return, and has a higher than normal risk and price volatility. WHF centers on publicly traded companies exhibiting fundamental growth characteristics across all sectors. The advisor provides ongoing oversight and management of the client’s investments in accordance with the advisor’s analysis of current economic and market conditions.

Diversified Portfolio Strategy  Download Brochure

In addition to the Bank and WHF Strategies, KAM South offers a balanced managed account strategy for clients in need of diversification, including Retirement Planning Advice with Comprehensive Financial Tools.



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Our Unique Retirement Planning Process:

Unique 4-Step Process  Download Details

UniqueProcessSystem_KAM_2016Each of our clients receives the benefit of working within our Unique 4-Step Process System — each step is designed to help the individual achieve the most optimal retirement plan, based on their main goals and objectives.

KAM South’s ability to live up to its branding motto “We Build Wealth” is due to the unique process system that Koch has developed, where each client works within the firm’s unique Retirement Income Planning Process. It’s a process that perfectly marries the portfolio construction research with the human dynamic of shepherding clients through the process of retirement.

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