Christian Koch: Member of Physician Services Network

KAM South Christian Koch MD Preferred Physican Services

Christian Koch, KAM South, Atlanta, GA Financial Planner / Wealth Advisor works with physicians and medical professionals on a regular basis, to help them take charge of their financial futures.

“Throughout my 20-years of experience as an expert in private wealth management, I have found working with physicians to be extremely rewarding because of their complex financial situations. My expertise includes active investment management, retirement planning, 401K & IRA rollovers and strategies to reduce income and estate taxes. Using my unique 4-step retirement planning process, we define for the physician a clear framework for financial security.   

One of my first clients was a physician and owner of several surgery centers in Georgia. And recently I worked with a cardiovascular surgeon on his investment strategies. Currently, we are working together to formulate a financial strategy for his Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust, a new Living Trust to protect assets and then creating a retirement portfolio using both is 401K and SEP IRA. The strategy was simple: to avoid unnecessary income and estate taxes and to improve his investment portfolio.”

Christian Koch, owner of KAM South in Atlanta, is an active member of the MD Preferred Physician Services Network. Using KAM South’s Unique 4-Step Retirement Planning Process, Koch defines– for medical professionals– a clear framework for financial security.

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