Christian Koch Featured in Financial Planning Magazine

Christian Koch of KAM South in Atlanta

Koch is quoted in the month’s issue of Financial Planning: in the article, “Time to Refinance?” The introduction to Financial Planning’s article on whether or not to refinance says: Talk about news you can use. Amid the recent market volatility and economic fears, interest rates are again near historic lows, providing clients an opportunity to…
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Traditional Broker vs. Fee-Only Financial Advisor

Fee-Only Financial Advisor Atlanta

Many people are confused about the difference between traditional brokers and fee-only financial advisors. In the old Archie Bunker model, you purchased products from a broker or insurance agent; a traditional broker works on commission and is often encouraged to sell products recommended by his or her firm. The new service model, based on Fee-Only…
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Christian Koch Featured in USA Today

“What the Rich Know That You Don’t: 5 Secret Saving Tips,” featured in USA Today. Christian Koch, an Independent Wealth Advisor and IRA Expert in Atlanta, GA, is often called upon for financial industry comment. Financial Planner, Wealth Advisor and Investment Manager Christian Koch of KAM South in Atlanta is featured in the September 6,…
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Christian Koch on Times Square Today TV

Christian Koch, KAM South, Atlanta, GA Financial Planner / Wealth Advisor was interviewed by Jess Todtfeld, former FOX News Producer, for Times Square Today TV in New York City on June 17, 2015. The segment will appear on CNN, CNBC and Fox News affiliates. The discussion between Koch and Times Square TV Anchor Todtfeld focused…
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Fee-Only Financial Planning

  Clark Howard is in favor of Fee-Only Financial Planning. Christian Koch, KAM South, Atlanta, GA Financial Planner / Wealth Advisor agrees with Howard’s assessment of fee-only planners: “The stakes are so high in investing that you should consider fee-only planners. They’ll give you a fixed price up front for their services, regardless of the…
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Christian Koch: Member of Physician Services Network

KAM South Christian Koch MD Preferred Physican Services

Christian Koch, KAM South, Atlanta, GA Financial Planner / Wealth Advisor works with physicians and medical professionals on a regular basis, to help them take charge of their financial futures. “Throughout my 20-years of experience as an expert in private wealth management, I have found working with physicians to be extremely rewarding because of their…
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